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Chief Technology Officer

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Job Location


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DustyTrac, Inc.

Type of Job

Full Time

Published Date

November 24, 2020 at 12:00:00 AM

About the job

DustyTrac Is Seeking Our Chief Technology Officer To Help Grow Our Company And Guide Its Development.


  • Exceptional Ability To Manage And Lead Others.

  • Network Of Subordinate Tech Candidates And Knowledge Of Headhunting Strategies

  • Proficiency In Google Cloud Platform Design, Implementation And Management.

  • Proficiency In Designing, Implementing And Maintaining Kubernetes Stacks on Google Cloud Platform.

  • Proficiency In Python

  • Multiple Programming Language Proficiency.

  • Proficiency Handeling Pulls, Debugging, And Implemention Of Patch Rollouts Site And Organization Wide.

  • Proficiency Integrating Google API's.

  • Familiarity With Competing And Complementry API's And Their Integration With Others.

  • A Drive To Create Something New And Distrupt The Current Enviornment.

  • A Desire To Improve The World.


  • Startup  - Benefits To Develop Over Time.

  • Exciting New Company

  • Guide The Development Of  A Startup Tech Company

  • Flexible Schedule

About us

DustyTrac, Inc. Is A Retail/Wholesale/Manufacturing Tech Startup Located In Sunny Phoenix, AZ, USA.
We Were Founded In January 2020 In Response To The Global Pandemic Which Has Ravaged The World And Thrown The Global Supply Chain Into Disarray.
We Seek To Bring Cutting Edge Tools And Networks To All Levels Of Business And Civics While Improving The World In The Process.



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