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Elicto ES-100 Waterproof Telescopic Power Scrubber
  • Elicto ES-100 Waterproof Telescopic Power Scrubber

    SKU: 01600f3d

    Do you hate scrubbing, washing, and cleaning those dirty stains in your house? With the Elicto ES-100 Waterproof Telescopic Power Scrubber at hand, home cleaning doesn't have to be a grueling task anymore. Not only does this handy appliance minimize effort on your part, but it also speeds up cleaning time – eliminating those stubborn stains in a matter of minutes!


    With a waterproof power scrubber that contains all your favorite features, you can clean any surface with ease and efficiency.


    This telescopic power scrubber has an extendable handle for all those hard-to-reach places and also contains five interchangeable brush heads that allow for a deep clean anywhere in or around your home.


    Key Features:

    • Telescopic rod design can be extended to reach high places
    • Cordless cleaning device can reach all areas without any restriction
    • 5 interchangeable bush heads – hard short brush, long bristle brush, cotton flannel pad, sponge brush, and scouring pad
    • Easy to use ergonomic features allow for a simple cleaning routine
    • Waterproof IPx7 design makes it safe to operate under wet conditions