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Laser Tag  Player Unit - Hand Cannon

Laser Tag Player Unit - Hand Cannon

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  • Shooting distance: 600ft at night; 300ft on cloudy day; 150ft in sunshine.
  • Package includes: 1*Player Unit, 1*Charger, & 1*Hex Wrench.
  • Player Unit may be used with additional accesories (hat, vest, etc.). Purchased Separately.
  • Remote purchased separately. Remote unnessecary for play, however, it allows for easier programming.
  • One remote capable of programming all parts and accessories.
  • Detailed manual available at:


  1. When powered up, the screen alternates through the different team letters and voice prompts:
    When showing “H-50” and playing sound “Red Team”, pull the TRIGGER to start a new game as the red team.
    When showin “L-50” and playing sound “Blue Team”, pull the TRIGGER to start a new game as the blue team.
    When showin “U-50” and playing sound “Green Team”, pull the TRIGGER to start a new game as the green team.
    The “50” is the player ID of the unit, this can be can use the remote to change it. When hit by an opponent, the screen shows the team letter and ID of attacking player.
  2. Pull the TRIGGER to fire with vibration and gunshot sound, the rounds remaining are shown on screen. When the value reduces to “00”, you must reload.
    Press the RELOAD button to simulate removing an empty (or partial) clip and replacing it with a full clip (30 Rounds). During reloading (1 Second), the screen shows the following game data in turn: Team Letter and Player ID, Clips Consumed, Health Points.
  3. When hit by opponents, the tagger vibrates and alarms, during the hit delay (3 Seconds), the screen shows the team letter and ID of the attacking opponent, and you are effectively “Locked Out” and cannot fire or receive further hits. When the health points reduce to zero, you cannot fire and are “Tagged Out” (dead).
  4. If the tagger is modified during play, the unit prompts “Cheating” and is locked out of current gameplay. Thus, all players must start the game at the same time (within 3 minutes), otherwise, the player will be excluded from the current game.


Usage With Remote:

  1. Turn on the power, when tagger makes the prompt sounds, press the UNLOCK button to stop it (do it only once). The screen will show the default team letter and ID.
  2. Use the team buttons (RED, BLUE, GREEN) to assign tagger to a default team (do it only once).
  3. Press START button to start a new game. START button will be the most frequently used for the remote



Display Screen:

  • Team Letter and Player ID, e.g. H-50 =Red Team and Tagger No. 50
    Letter H = Red Team; Letter L = Blue Team; Letter U = Green Team.
    Every tagger must be set to a unique player ID, so that when you are hit, you can know who hit you.
  • Clips Consumed (Four-digit Number), e.g. 0220, you have consumed 220 clips so far.
  • Health Points (Minus and Three-digit Number), e.g. -006, health points are 6.
  • Rounds Remaining (Two-digit Number), e.g. 30, there are 30 rounds left in current magazine.
  • Screen shows “End”.
    In the following case: Health Points is “0”; Game Timeout; Game Pause